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​Inside Out Sofa

model and sketch 1.jpg


Inside Out Chair is Shi Tianyi's iconic work exploring the external use of sponge materials. In this work, Shi Tianyi explores whether the sponge materials that are often hidden in the structure of upholstered furniture can be directly used outside. Sponge material is a common material in upholstered furniture, which is covered by various fabrics in the furniture. But this material has many characteristics, such as beautiful texture and color, and it is soft and has good elasticity. The designer hopes to show the characteristics of this material to everyone, so that everyone has a different understanding of the materials we are familiar with in our daily life. Therefore, in the design of the Inside Out Chair, the designer directly created the original sponge material through the method of deconstruction, trying to break the traditional shape of upholstered furniture, and explore when this internal material directly guides the aesthetics of art design furniture. What happens to situations and experiences?

Inside out Sofa
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