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Parallel Universe


The parallel universe refers to other universes that are separated from a universe and are similar and different from the original universe. This concept is also the designer's expression of his creation. It is similar to the original system and other fences between art and design.


Tianyi Shi's work has always been obtained from the experiment of materials. Each set of works is an expression of the current feelings, so that each set of works has its own uniqueness. At the same time, the parallel universe series is a new branch of Shitianyi to study the sponge and strap system. It is a new dimension of naked sponge material.


​Sponge switch - press any piece of sponge to turn on the candlestick lamp


In this set of works, it refers to the most intuitive feeling that it is listed when the board and straps are listed, but also simple and powerful.

​Design Language


Continuing the INSIDE OUT series, this set of furniture devices also conveys the beauty of the internal structure, and redefine the concept of furniture through deconstructed creative methods. It is hoped that through this behavior, there are many possibilities for transmitting materials, forms, and even life, as if opening a parallel universe. At the same time, this set of works tried a concise and powerful creative language, using the concept of parallel to build a systematic building, and conveying a simple, interesting, diverse, fashionable attitude towards life.


_DSC4122 1.png

​Foam and Belt

This set of works try to explore the space of furniture to build a new order. Systems with sponges and strap are also continued and developed here. This time the sponge material chose the recycling material, expressing the designer's attention to environmental protection, re -suppression to produce beautiful black and white patterns, making people seem to be in the starry sky.


The exploration of straps has also been developed in this set of works, expressing the concepts and possibilities of continuity. It is also a tentacle of perception of life. I hope that people who see this group of works can gain strength from it and explore their own. Possible.


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