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Inside Out Sofa


This project deconstructs everyday upholstered furniture.  Breaking the formal conventions of upholstered furniture and exploiting what happens when the internal structures drive the aesthetic, practical and physical form for extravagant new artifacts. 


Usually, foam is hidden within the upholstery structure and covered by textile of one sort or another. In this project, the raw foam is used in an innovative way. Informally revealed and regrouped. Here lightness and volume provoke practical experiments and exciting explorations.  These chairs highlight foams often unacknowledged, yet unique features, its marvelous texture, subtle colours, surfaces and the softness and flexibility of bubbles caught in permanent form. 


Inside out Sofa
model and sketch 1.jpg


Creative Process


This project is a process led project. Through playing with foam, the designer observed the texture and colours, and experienced the softness and flexibility. The designer would like this way to get inspiration and text the design. Thus, this project based on lots of experiments. From sketch models to models with scales, each object comes from hundreds of models. For the sofa, 4 full-scale models are made to test the structure, material, color and the comfortableness.

2 sofa1.jpg
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