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My Wonderland



In 2022, Tianyi Shi was invited by the Material S art commission project to use the fabric of the outdoor fabric brand Sunbrella as a carrier for art commission creation.


This work follows the deconstruction and reorganization method that Shitianyi is good at, and creates a coexisting space of orderly, disorderly, control and out of control, imprisonment and protection. Try to use this to discuss the order, safety and psychological issues of the post -epidemic era.


And through a relaxed and crazy form and soft and strong texture, it has weakened people's loneliness and anxiety in the post -epidemic era while triggering thinking, creating a wonderland belonging to one person. It is both a soft, parcel, and safe carrier, but also a paradise for venting, interactive, and carnival.



Tianyi Shi looks forward to exploring the orderly and disorderly epidemic era through this work. Compared with the creation of only foam before, combining the background of the post -epidemic era discussion is imprisonment or protection.


Playful and interaction are the consistent characteristics of artists. This work redefines each part of the sofa, with the concept of back, pillow, blanket, handrail and sofa legs, and puts it organically together. Try to weaken people's loneliness and isolation in the post -epidemic era through a relaxed form and soft texture. In this era, we have to avoid many contacts with the outside world, and people are lonely. Can furniture be able to assume the role of interaction and comfort to help people face the anxiety and fear brought by the epidemic?

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