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Melting Candlestick

​For Rong Design Museum

Melting Candlestick.jpg

In 2022, Tianyi Shi was invited by Rong Design Library to conduct color research on the theme of "integrating coloring" and created.



The design of the "Melting" candlestick come from the experience of combining traditional dyeing materials and techniques with modern foaming materials. The choice of colors are based on the study of traditional dyeing materials。The natural dye (plant dye and mineral) typical materials, including indigo clay, hematoxylon , orpiment and lapis lazuli were chose,the color dying by them are used as basic color。.


The shape is formed by the natural dripping of the dyed foam, which gives the impression of melting and dripping candle tears. When the real candle tears drop, the candle and the candlestick become a whole. This is why it is named "melting".

At the same time, The name "Melting" is also the echo of the Chinese meaning of "Rong" of the Rong Design Library.


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