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Reveal the Parallel Universe

​For SKP-S & Nike


In 2021, Tianyi Shi was invited by SKP-S to create an art commission inspired by NIKE's limited edition shoe Air Max Pre-Day.



Combined with the concept of Air Max Pre-Day "the future", Tianyi set the main tone of "Open the Parallel Universe and reveal a different world for this cooperation. And creatively find out multiple things in common with the characteristics of Air Max Pre-Day and her own works, and cleverly combine them.


The common concept and method have given artists a lot of inspiration. This set of furniture installations reveal the internal buffer structure of the soft furniture through a full -scale method, and use the regenerative foam as the main body of the display to display the beauty of the internal materials while adding the flexibility of the sitting gear. The environmental protection concept is committed to promotion in creation. This also echoed the idea of Air Max Pre-Day this time on the buffer part of the pad in the sole and the Air Max Pre-Day sole to adopt the environmental protection concept of recycling materials.

Through this creation, the artist hopes that the "parallel time and space" beauty of the internal structure can be displayed through a simple design method, and it is also the concept that fits the future of Air Max Day.

​Combined with the concept of Air Max Pre-Day "the future", Shi Tianyi uses Air Max Pre-Day as a prototype for this cooperation color matching and form. This pair The key design. At the same time, the regenerative sponge logo part is displayed through the hollow of the panel, which is also a display of the design concept of the opening window.

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