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Fun Foam Bag

​For Fendi Peekaboo Project

fun foam bag 3.jpeg

Fun Foam Bag is an exciting collaboration between Fendi and Tianyi Shi  for Peekaboo Project 2019.


Like Fendi' s Peekaboo Bag and the concept of Fun Fur, Fun is the designer’s belief of design. In the designer's view, each item is alive and rich in the inner world, peekaboo bag is like this, foam is also. The process of discovering them is also a process of discovering the life. This point of convergence is the original intention of this creation.


In the designer's view, every object is alive and rich in its inner world, so is Peekaboo bag as well as the material foam. The process of discovering them is also a way of rediscovering our daily lives. This conjunction point leads to the original design concept.

The inspiration comes from the inner child represented by the image of the eyes in the Peekaboo Bag, and also from Tianyi’ s records of the “FACES” of the surrounding objects for many years. Animism to become the common point of connecting Peekaboo Bag and Fun Foam Bag.

During this creation period, Tianyi was shocked to hear the news of the death of Karl Lagerfeld, the designer of the Fendi double “F” logo. This bag borrowed the source of the double “F” Logo, “Fun Fur“, and named it “Fun Foam”, and also drew two "F" on the bag. This is a commemoration of Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld.

Comparison of sketches and real photos

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